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almost got in 2 accidents..


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April 20, 2004
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'97 EB 5.0
well both were similar but at the same time not.... heres a picture of how it went... im the green blotch and the "5.0 stang" is the other blotch


well good news is there was no accident, bad news... the ******* wouldnt let me in to the second lane so gunned it and passed him (guess he didnt know my SUV is as fast as his car) and i cut his ass off... then he had the nerve to roll his window down and give me a mean ass look as he rolled past me (while i was stopped at the next light) in the 3rd turn only lane

the second was similar (2 turning lanes to a 3 lane street with the same lines as the picture) i was behind them in the second turning lane and they went crossed in to the first turning lane (so i assumed they were going in to the first turning lane and ended up going in to the second which shoved me in to the thrid again!) i mean yeah i "assumed", but who the hell goes in to the first turn lane completely (during the turn) and is in the first lane then pops their ass in to the second?

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Wow, diagrams and everything. :p

better to show than to discribe... i tried discribing it to somone and they were confused so i drew them a picture and then decided to post it while i was at it

At least 90% of all drivers do not comprehend that any turn is to be a turn to the most adjacent lane(closest lane encountered). Thus a right turn from the right most lane is to be a turn into the right most lane.

Most accidents, or almost accidents, happen because at least one vehicle crosses the path of another vehicle. Good fortune,

woodychitwn said:
Wow, diagrams and everything. :p

Yes...most impressive.

That happens around here all the time, a woman did that to me the other night so I flashed my high beams at her to let her know she did it. Well she dropped back, rode my ass for the next two miles flipping me off and cussing at me, I found it very amusing. Dumb woman cuts me off then goes nuts when I flash my highs to make her realize she'd done it (which was nicer than what most people would have done).

yeah road rage is a *****... especially with people in exploreres with the secret tissue gun ;)

**not saying i have one, but some people do**

yeah the exit off the interstate to take me home is simular to that.
four lanes. the two right ones are right turn only, the inside left is straight OR left and the left is left only.

I take the inside left one because I make a right after getting out of that turn.
Some how every body in the far left lane wants to take up both lanes when turning.

Good this Explorers have loud horns.

You are right Saleen this is a pain to describe :)

id of cliped his rear end on purpose, but then id need another car to use to get to work while this one would be in the shop... but who knows had i clipped him, he may of done something to me or my car and drove off, thus causing me to get pissed and go after him and probably ramming him with my Ex...(i lack the front bars on the truck so i would end up with a crap load of damage and all cuz i didnt want to evade his stupid move) or id just jot down the license plate # and report and sue the guy for all hes worth...

actually you know what... he probably though i was going streight, but by the way the damn lines are drawn on the road (which is what i go by while turning) you take a wide o' turn and that could confuse the inner lane driver to think that your going streight, plus i accelerated fairly quick... that could of been another reason, but still no reason to cut in to the second lane

Quite a few of the intersections here have dotted white lines painted to help guide morons into their proper lane.

Unfortunately, not that many people know what the lines are for, so they ignore them completely. :rolleyes:

CDW6212R said:
Most accidents, or almost accidents, happen because at least one vehicle crosses the path of another vehicle. Good fortune,

That can be rephrased with the word all instead of most, assuming we are discussing multi vehicle scenarios.

so your saying that "all" accidents are caused because someone cut another driver off?(i just used cutting someone off as an example because its very common) this isnt the case for some of the accidents, some are because of stupidity... and not paying attention.

my potential accidents would of been because of stupidity on the other drivers behalf. i wouldnt really say that they "cut me off", they just werent thinking

Doesn't need to be a cut off situation but in multi vehicle incidents it is a vehicle crossing the path of another. Your cutoff example, left turn in front of, pulled out in front of... Maybe that statement should be most because rear ending doesn't apply. Stupidity may be the reason but the cause was not yielding the right of way and crossing the path of the other vehicle that causes the incident.

this is one of the problem with most drivers on the road. They think because they have a license they know how to drive. Getting a license just means you have demonstrated that you understand the basic principles of the law and driving. I was arrested about 5 months ago for someone doing something similar. I asked to pull over and they did, so it was on. Next thing you the MP's showed. Long story short, first offense, nothing happened. Just glad I didn't pull out the baseball bat I carry around.

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