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Almost ready for the Lemon Law


May 25, 2013
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Woodcliff Lake, NJ
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2013 Explorer Sport
I have a 2013 Ex Sport and just hit 20k miles (in 14 months). Coming from 3 Acura MDX's, I was hoping that Ford had almost caught up in quality to the Japanese & Germans. When I first picked up my Ex, I was very impressed at how solid it felt. It still feels like a comfortable and solid ride, but I am getting fed up with all of the issues that I have had over the past year and what cropped up again today.
In the past year I had to have my window regulators replaced (Oct '13), my steering angle sensor replaced (Feb '14 after my terrain management system failed during the 3 biggest snow storms this winter), my sunroof motor replaced (April '14), brake rotors cut down (June '14 at 17k miles), water leaking into the rear area during rain storms (June '14).
The best though was today when all of a sudden I developed a very loud clicking in the front end. When I turned into my driveway (almost full lock) I heard a very loud buzzing/grinding sound. The sound appears at both left and right full lock. Also, the terrain management failure happened again. The clicking in the front end is so loud that I am afraid to drive the Ex with my family in it. Crystal helped me when the terrain management system failed this past winter, hopefully she can help again. I cannot go without a car as we have three kids for the next week (including and exchange student).

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nchggb is correct

Call the Better Business Bureau.

I had VW buy back my 2002 VW Passat W8. In the 14 months I owned it, it was in the shop 14 separate times, It had 32 separate work orders against it and it was out of service 61 days! I had approx. 11000 miles on the clock when I filed the first complaint. VW said they were not going to do anything because the defects did not affect the safety of the vehicle among other things. A few months later I was in the process of filing a second complaint when I got a call from VW stating they were going to repurchase the vehicle. They repaid me all moneys I paid into the vehicle except taxes, tags, maint. and property taxes. They basically stated that they were refunding me my payments! They deducted a "usage fee" based on about $.50 (?) cents a mile times the 11000 I had on the clock at the time of the initial complaint and BBB meeting.

This car was a POS but I place full blame on my servicing dealership at the time because they had a shop full of rocks. I can literally write a book about the problems I had between my cars (4) and the service department! The last time I saw the car, it was sitting in the dealers service lot awaiting a technician to be flown in from Germany (32 days) to pull the engine to replace all the coil packs and a set of failed drivers side cam phasing actuaters (?)!

Confirms my view of VW's, Virtually Worthless...

Thanks for all of your advise. I don't think I would be eligible for the Lemon Law as it hasn't really been debilitating or persistant, just a nuisance. My dealer isn't the best either (called three times already and a service person has yet to return my call). Hopefully will get this resolved quickly and easily.

... Crystal helped me when the terrain management system failed this past winter, hopefully she can help again...

I'd certainly like to try, mistertoo. :)

PM me your information so I can get this into the right hands; don't forget to include your full name, best daytime phone number, VIN, current mileage, and preferred servicing dealership. I'll take it from there. :thumbsup: