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Almost ready to install system, heres what i got..


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June 5, 2001
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LaPorte, Indiana
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04 Civic LX
Hey ya'll
i finally got just about everything i need for my system , the only thing i still need, is my custom box, my friend has been "working" on it for months, but i have yet to see anyparts of it.... it'll get done very soon though, either way.

heres what i'm running
start from the power source

1. 130 amp duralast alternator
2. Optima Yellow top battery.
3. Pioneer Head unit 4100, (i know its old but it works great, and i don't have the money to upgrade this now)
4. Pioneer 50x2 rms amp for tweeters
5. Pionner tweeters
6. Audiobahn A1801X amp 560 watts rms (probably underrated though)
7. Audiobahn Euro editon 12 holds 750w rms.
8 Audiobahn 5x7's ran off head unit.
9. Custom box with plexiglass front, fans, and neons.

what do you all think?
spent lots of time deciding what to buy, also not olny for brand but because i'm in school and need to get the most bang for my buck.


it should be pretty good. do you think he'll ever finish that box;)

i have no idea , i told him in september that i needed a box, i showed him the plans and layout, and told him to take his time because i wouldn't need it till it comes spring break he said he would get it done over spring break, and he says "i left the wood at school"

so i don't know i hope so, box design is bad a$$