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Alpha Get's In An Accident :)

Well LOL it's ok now that I know it's not a huge ordeal.
On Thursday I was driving my truck and following my boyfriend after we picked up a rental van for our trip to Maryland Deathfest. We both were following too closely in bumper to bumper traffic and like a chain reaction he slammed on his brakes...causing me to slam on mine. Unfortunately I couldn't stop fast enough and rearended him. I was only creeping up so I wasn't going fast (like 10mph IF THAT) and no airbag deployment (THANK YOU). I took off about a quarter sized round spot off paint off the rental van but my bumper was forced down about 3 inches. It suffered small abrasions that can be buffed out easily. I was quoted $150.00 for the brackets and time to take off the bumper..replaced the brackets that were bent and some touchup of abrasion near the bumpers edges (to prevent rust).

I'm happy with the quote....and I was excited to be at a body shop because I finally got to talk to someone about turning my grey into black :)

So here's what he quoted me for spraying my grey parts black.

Includes: front & rear bumper including the sanding for the textured area on top of rear bumper. Above wheel area, step bars and trim between bumper and wheel well trim and wind jammer.

$750.00.....wutcha think? My gut tells me that's high but
I don't know. I heard the one dude as he walked around my vehicle mumble to himself as he counted...let's see...about $60.00 for this..
(for the wind jammer alone).

Im getting the bumper fixed for now...spraying the grey will come later. Just want some insight.

rocket 5979

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I reccommend to do it yourself. It took me the better part of a day to do it all. Every little piece on my X. And it didnt cost me but about $25-$30 or so. And that includes my own lunch. It does make the vehicle look soooo much better too. The grey doesnt clash soo much. Because it is black now which goes with the theme of my car as it would for yours too. Being that yours is all black anyways. I just dont see the point in paying that much to do a fairly simple job as long as someone has patience. It is very time consuming and i would not want to do it again. But i would rather do it myself and get great professional results than pay a shop to do it for 20 times the price i was able to do it at. And if you do it then you will know if it was done exactly right or not or if there was a place to touch up because of this or that. Because the shop most likely wont tell you. Either way. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. And make sure to post before after pics of it. :)


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July 13, 2002
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I'm about to go with Rocket's instructions on painting my '99 gray trim panels + bumpers black to match the exterior paint. I'll let you know how it turns out, he gave me all the necessary info.