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Alpine M350


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March 1, 2005
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1992 XLT
This is off the alpine website:

MAX Power (at 14.4V,EIAJ)

Brigded into 2 ohms : 700W x 1

RMS Power (at 14.4V,20Hz-20kHz)

Per channel into 2 ohms : 350W x 1 (0.3%)
Per channel into 4 ohms : 200W x 1 (0.08%)

Now, I'm getting 2 Kicker CVR15 that do 500 RMS/1000 MAX

so can I use my Alpine M350 amp to push one of the 2 subs I'm getting?

Its a DVC (4 Ohms per VC). So if I wire the 2 voice coils parallel into 2 ohms could I run it to the amp as 2 Ohms @ 700 Watts? But keep the gains down?

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I think you'd be better off not bridging it and just running each sub's set of voice coils in parallel.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, you deinfately can't bridge it as it will become unstable more than likely. Most amps are stable bridged down to 4 Ohms, 2 Ohms would cause them much problems


That amp is meant to run at 2 ohms, but your sub will get 350 watts not 700. Way underpowered.

700watts is max and max doesn't mean squat.
The 350 watts RMS is at 14.4 volts, you won't be seeing more than 13.5, if that. (With a 92 explorer with a stock alternator and battery, you will be seeing 12.9 max)

Disregard my whole last post, when you said It had a "bridged output" I assumed it was 2 channel, its only a single channel looking at the website.

And yeah, terdrocket is right. Always trust a man with a cool dog. Each coul would get half of the 350W RMS at 2 Ohms, so you'd be looking at being under the max wattage of your sub by 150W RMS. At that point you've got too much sub and too little amp. So you're gonna have to buy 2 new amps with 500W output at 2 Ohms for your 2 subs.

or one Kicker KX1200.1 which pushes 1200 @ 1 Ohm which i could parallel al the way down to 1 Ohm Stabily because the amp can push it stabily...correct?

Yep, if they say its stable to 1 Ohm you should be able to run it parallel to 1 Ohm. THe Amp only sees a 1200W speaker at 1 Ohm then.

sweet, im gettin one of those then

I have this amp...real nice, pushing 2 crossfire db312's and it sounds great!