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Alternator Charging system intermitant


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November 10, 2006
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Edmonton AB
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'92 XLT 2wd
Hi everybody, long time since I have needed to ask a question, but i have a intermitant Alternator problem.

In a 1992 4.0 completely stock Explorer.

Battery is good. Starts every time. Occasionally when I am driving it drops down to battery voltage and I can see no alternator output. I have an after-market digital Voltmeter, when I am driving it hugs 14 volts, but suddenly it drops down to 11.5 or so and slowly lowers as it sucks the battery dry.

Then 15 minutes later, I am almost at home, and it magically pops back up.

Next day I drive around it is fine all day then again it drops off.

I am suspecting bad wires in my charging circuit, and I was wondering if anyone knows best place to start* looking.