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alternator problems


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August 23, 2005
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Las Vegas NV
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1993 limited
I have a 93 limited, 6 cyl. 4wd, anyway, my alternator locked up, the winding was destroyed. I put a new one on, 135 amp like the old one. It still will not charge. Is there a relay, fuse, or did I fry the voltage regulator, I have no way of checking these, hit or miss can be expensive. Any help would be appreciated, I am a plumber, I'll trade tips!

Unless I miss my guess the voltage regulator is built in to the alternator so you replaced it when you replaced the alternator. The easiest way to check output voltage should be right at the battery with a simple multitester. By the way did you charge your battery BEFORE hooking up the new alternator? The local parts place told me you must charge the battery before you install the new alt. or you will fry the new alt trying to fully charge a battery. Also check the connections for power and especially the ground, Just trace the wire to where it gounds and make sure there is no rust or corrosion. It is also quite possible that the new(or more likely rebuilt) alt. is faulty. Check these and let me know.