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Aluminum Wheel Clearcoat Refinishing


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February 17, 2001
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2004 Mountaineer 4.6L
I have a 1993 EB and the clearcoat finish is starting to look "cloudy". I can polish them and it looks nice for a while, then becomes "cloudy" again. Are there threads addressing this or does someone know of a practical way to refinish the clearcoat? Thanks. MikeTEC

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Thanks, Stephen, but I just want to refinish my wheels myself at this point. I have done furniture refinishing and was thinking there might be a clearcoat stripper available, then recoat with an high quality clearcoat spray. MikeTEC


I too would like to know if it exist a product that can recoat the wheels. I bought some used mags 25$ a pieces, there in very good condition execpt there PAINTED in black, I want to get the paint out, brush and coat back.

Several years ago I striped the coating off the rims on my Trooper. Just go to lowes or home depot and talk with the paint counter attendand and they can tell you what to use. It also got the black paint off around the spokes.

Eastwood sells a restoring kit that I'm considering using to give my wheels a little more shine. They also list paint stripper (P/N-34069Z) to remove the clear coat, and Diamond Clear gloss clear coat spray (P/N-10200Z) too. Dead Link Removed