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Am I missing something


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June 7, 2001
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benton, ar
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'93 EB 4dr 4x4
After driving jeeps i finally had to move on up to an explorer. I am looking to add just a mild lift to my explorer and want to make sure I am not overlooking anything. I have warrior shackles and an add-a-leaf for the rear and 1inch lift coils with spacers for the front. Is that enough lift that I should worry about changing the radius arm location or the pitman arm. Or maybe there is a better way for a little lift. I can't go to high or the kiddos can't get in.

'93 EB 4dr 4X4

Welcome to the site. Not only did you find the best 4x4 in the explorer, you also found the best 4x4 site. :) Welcome

You shouldn't have a problem. I'd guess you'd still be able to go a few more inches if you wish before you run into problems with the stearing. :) I wouldn't even worry about it.