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Ammo Can Center Console


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September 1, 2002
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So my center console top finally snapped off like every one else:( I tried protecting it for years with a tennis ball supporting the armrest. But after the movie shoot with my truck someone snapped it off:mad:

So finally letting it go:rolleyes:, I have been thinking on what to use for a new center console. Then I remembered I had some 20mm ammo cans. Once I removed the old console, I put the ammo can in it's place and it fit perfect. :thumbsup: Perfect arm height. It looks like I have enough room to cut the drink holder part off the old console and reuse it.

Once I figure that out I will add a hinge for the top, and maybe a lock:D

center one.jpg

center two.jpg

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Nice i always had the thought of using a slightly shorter Ammo Can and adding a padded piece to the top for the arm rest. to make it a little more comfy for extended trips.

Fits pretty well with the theme of the JP me thinks. I've got some 7.62mm cans I wanna use for storage in my Ex, hopefully this will give me motivation to start on that project.

I have one of those small coolers too, but I'm not looking for that purpose. I'm looking for storage.

I have another spare console that I will cut the front off and see if I can retain the drink holders:D

Thinking of painting it and putting the "InGen" logo's from the JP movies on it. Maybe stencil on "supplies" or something creative on the top.

how I missed that it was for the JP truck is beyond me! :D

but now I'm with ya on the cup holders/ammo box build. ;)

So i put some time in working on this today...although, I should have been putting new rotors on the 150:rolleyes: But what fun is that!:p:

First I decided on my mounting point, and drilled a few new holes in the body floor near the old mounts. Unfortunately the old studs will not work because the box bottom spands over them. because of the higher floor in the front. Then I cut the old console to take up space in front of the new box.

To make the box have a hinge, I cut the lip that normally keeps the top in place. Then welded the back clamp into place. Now the ring the was used to hold the clamp to the lid in the hinge. Works quite well:thumbsup:

I then through a coat of paint on it. May install a lock on it later. I'll try mounting it in the truck tomorrow when the paint dries;)


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I did something simliar with my 92.


The original console was caked with cigarette residue and just nasty. What I did was attache two metal strips to the factory mounting points and then attached the ammo box to the rails. Nice and solid.

She rolled before I had time to put a drink holder in.

ok you knew I couldn't wait till morning:p: Paint dry to handle is good enough for me.

Added the InGen logo's. This was the company in the movie who was responsible for everything.


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Pretty sweet, doesn't look very comfy, though ammo can kinda says "I'm a man, i don't need comfort."

I would consider stenciling something along the lines of " In case of genetic experiment contact ONLY" with maybe a stencil of a T-rex or Raptor on it also.