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Amp and Cap Wiring Help


June 13, 2002
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Greenville, South Carolina
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Can anyone help me? I have two 10" RF HE2's, a RF 360A2 amp, a Sony 760W amp, and I've just ordered a RF 1 farad digital cap...Now i need some help hooking it up...I kinda see how a capacitor would hook up with one amp, but I'm clueless as to how it would hook up to two amps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And please use simple language, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to wiring. Thanks again :confused:

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how are the amps wired now?

i only have the RF amp hooked up now

what's the sony amp gunna do?, you really only need the cap on the amp driving the subs. Either way I can tell you just how to do it.

i plan on having one amp push each sub...the amp i have now just doesn't hit em hard enough at 180X2...any better ideas?

I'll draw somthing up and scan it and upload it.

I think this is how you would do it. Excues the crudness of the drawing, damn laptop touchpad...
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That works, not a Van Go!!! I was looking more into that amp. Depending on was subs you have you could drop it to 2 ohms and just run the sony.

Thanks a ton, this should help alot! Neither the cap nor the Sony Amp have come in yet, but your directions will help alot....Thanks again

The easiest way to do it is to run your power from the battery to the cap along with your ground wire. From the cap I take one ring terminal that is large enough for the power wires going to the amp. Crimp and solder power wire long enough to reach the amps and connect this ring terminal onto the cap, do the same for the grounds for the amps. This will give you the least connection and voltage drop.

in-line fuses

Where would you put the fuses for the amps? I know that you would put a fuse on the power line to the battery. Then would you use a fuse block between the cap and the amps, or is the fuse block not needed?

Just a little bit of suggestion.

how much did you spend on your RF lighting cap?

if its anywhere in the neighboorhood of $125, there was a lot easier way to get the power you need, plus some.

autozone sells 130 alternators for 91-94 explorers
however when u buy it tell them its for your 93 limited explorer with a/c. there is a 50 core charge, so its like 175 to begin with..but you can easily take your stock one back as core, just don't tell them its a smaller one...just slide it to them and say i would like my core charge for this....and nothing eles

then the 130amp simply bolts up as replacement for the stock 90amp alternator, its a bit more beefy but still fits just fine.

then you go get your 50 bucks back.

i now have 130amps of power to play with in my 1000 watt peak system. no lights dim at all.............even with the lowest bass notes at a stop light the lights stay on strong.

just a thought, because i had 1 1/2 farads of caps before on a 600 watt jensen amp, and was dissapointed in the results of lights still dimming

Well, thank you for your imput, but you're about 12 hours too late...I just opened the cap package, but I think i did catch a deal...It was only $105...If the cap doesn't help, I will probably take your suggestion. Thanks again

The Sony amp will have fuses on board. You can mount a fuse holder next to the amp. You want as few connection as possible.

Caps dont do anything for light dimming. They actually put more strain on your altenator. What they do is help out your battery. It stores power for when your battery cant send enough power to your amps. Upgrading your altenator is a must for any high power system. Thats where you will see results in your power. It also lets your amps run more efficent=more power :)