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Amp Blew Up?


Rah no Hans Bwix
November 21, 2002
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1994 XLT 4x4
OK. I was getting off the freeway and TONS of smoke came from my amp, out of nowhere. All 4 25A fuses are blown and I wanna know what happened. The wiring is fine, so the amp just did this out of nowhere. Why would it do this? The amp smells real bad and I was wondering would the fuses keep it from screwing up internally? I heard the fuses smoke when they blow. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!

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I opened it up and don't see anything blown. By the fuses there's some black that's lifted exposing the copper and there's a small burn mark near it. I've got a couple pics attached. There is also a break in the copper (I'd like to say trace but don't know if that's the word) right next to the screw.


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You got a warranty didn't you, I wouldn't mess with it.. looks like my buddy's amp after his dumb@ss dripped some water on it! lol
Does the amp turn on anymore? That looks like the ground, cant tell perfectly from the pics.
was there a cap/resistor there that exploded?

^ those will probably help better than anybody here...

It was bought on eBay, so I have no idea, but it was new. The fuses blew, and I don't have 4 25a fuses to replace them with. Should I do that and see what happens? I'm still wondering what happened though.

It shouldn't hurt, if somethings wrong it'll just blow the fuses again...

Like I said, I cant really tell everything perfect from the pics, but I believe that's a ground for the supply there if looking at the pic, the torroid would be down and right a lil bit.

If no warranty, you could just try soldering the ground strap... That's what looks like is blown out. I couldn't begin to tell ya what happened though. I'd guess it's a problem elsewhere to cause a short that looks like that.

Fuses smoke when they blow sometimes, but they don't poor out smoke. Sounds like the amp was just bad. You said you were on the freeway too? Maybe the higher revs to the altenator finally made it kick the bucket. Hope you got a warranty.

sounds like part of your power wire touched the actual casing of the amp which is -. Hence the reason the thinnist point burnt. Sauder it and make sure the power stays in its own terminal

Well the power input sticks out and that piece is plastic, so I don't know. I'm gonna get some fuses tomorrow and see what's up, I'm also soldering the trace right now.

is there any metal anywhere around the plastic peice (other than the actual terminal)

Nope, and the amp is screwed down, so it didn't move and touch anything.

i know but im talking about on the actual amp houseing

just solder it and it should work, did u have it really loud when this happened? cuz it looks like the power supply of the amp feeds the negative or "ground" trough the screw into the whole unit
check that the screw its tight, if after u solder it, it works DONT use it loud untill, you solder a piece of wire from around the screw to somewhere across the crack, u really need to make good contact because even though its only negative energy thats going trough that copper and screw, its at least 25 amps... just make sure u put something that can handle the amount of energy well because if not.... i will just burn up again :fire:
... i wish i could explain u better but i can barely speak English... =[

I don't ever listen to my system higher than 14. My gain was up a little over 1/4 of min, so I really have no clue what would cause this.

It's only 8AM here, I've gotta wait a couple hours before I can get new fuses. I'll keep you all up-to-date though.

Got the fuses, connected all the wires (battery end was unplugged), put the fuses in, put the positive terminal on the battery post, then smoke started pouring out of the back. I unplugged the battery and ran to the amp, there was a tiny fire. None of the fuses were blown and all I had done was fed the amp power, the HU wasn't even on. What could be the problem? Could the ANL fuse be too big? I've got a 150A ANL in there. It ran fine for the few months I've had the amp. I've got a couple pics of what was on fire.


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voltage regulators are toast. They sell them at radio shack.

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Hm, I pulled the PCB and the soldering for these things doesn't look like something I can do. Why would they burn up? There's gotta be some other problem..