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Amp Bypass for Audiophile in 96/ Works!


January 20, 2003
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'91 XLT, '96 XLT
I found the post below from Mbrooks420 and it saved me ALOT of time. I got my Panasonic HU in, and bypassed the amp using the wiring diagram that he posted. I had problems finding a wiring harness for the HU but I ended up using the power side (large) of the harness from my 91 and the speaker side (small) from a 1990-up premium sound system harness from Curcuit City and spliced them together. Both harnesses were Metra so the wires matched on both. I'm impressed with the abilities of the factory speakers when they are matched with the right head unit. They actually sound pretty decent for factory speakers. I think I can live with them a little longer and invest elsewhere on the X...I'll get the new speakers after I bust these up a little. I'm just thankful that I found Mbrooks post. I went through an entire day today just getting my freakin radio to work! Here's a couple tips if your doing an amp bypass....make sure you have a t-50 "star-bit" for the rear seat belt mount...make sure you have a "thin walled deep well" 7/32 bit for the coat hanger hook. Don't waste your time looking for one like I did today. I must have spent an hour and a half looking for a tool. I eneded up going to Wal-Mart and buying a nut driver set and grinding it down on a belt sander to get it thin enough to get in there. Not fun.

Here's the post for the amp bypass:

Posted byMbrooks420

Here is how the wiring broke down in my 1996 Xlt
I used Bullet connectors, Butt conectors would work also.
The left column is the input connector to the amp. It has 11 leads. It has the Power, Ground, Remote,
and the 8 speaker leads. The power and ground aren't large enough to run another amp. I suppose the remote wire could be used. The right column is the amps output connector and has the 8 speaker leads.

*------ means wire together

Front Passenger. +
White w/Green stripe-------White w/Red stripe
Front Passenger. -
Green w/Orange stripe-----Brown

Front Driver+
Orange w/Green stripe-----Light Green
Front Driver -
Blue w/White stripe---------White w/ Orange stripe

Rear Passenger +
Orange w/ red stripe--------Violet w/ white stripe
Rear Passenger -
Brown w/ Pink stripe--------Light Blue

Rear Driver +
Gray w/ Blue stripe----------Blue w/ Black stripe
Rear Driver -
Tan w/ Yellow stripe--------Yellow