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Amp cuts out


November 11, 2008
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milwaukie OR
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1995 Explorer XLT
I have 2 alpine type r subs..and a phoenix gold v8001 monoblock 1600 watt amp. Powered by a jensen dvd/cd player with 7 in screen. I was running 1 of the subs off a pyramid 1500 watt amp before i got a new amp and another sub the problem im having now is when i turn it up past 25 the subs goes off. I took it 2 cartoys and they put new cords in and cleaned it up a little but im still having the same problem....can anyone help me

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what it sounds like to me like, is that they are not getting enough power or you are not grounded well enough. How big of a wire are you using?

im not sure the size of the power wire but id think it was that before the grounding because i had them do it at car toys the size i have now id say is about the size of my pinky finger what size should i use and should it cutt off if its too loud or should it still play just sound really distorted if its too loud...what size cord would u recomend.. is there such a thing of a cord thats too big

I would put at least a 4 gauge on it(might be bigger,not 100% sure), I ordered 4 gauge for my 900W amp just to make sure I didn't have this issue, but you power and ground are the same? I don't know why it's taking so much power when turned up, wait yes I do. When I first ordered my amp, I tested it off a car battery charger(10A max), it would cut out with too much bass. the things to fix that problem is to make sure that you are properly grounded, and giving your amp the #A o the power line it needs.

EDIT: I just found this chart

so the gauge will depend on big of a fuse you are using

im having same thing with mine i am useing i belive a 2 Gage power and a 8 Gage ground

thanks that will be something i will do soon