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Amp hook-up


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April 3, 2003
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Ok, I need a little explanation here. I have a MTX2150x amp. It puts out around 425 watts rms bridged but that doesn't really matter. Here are my current set-up is 2 MTX 12" 6000A subs. They are dual voice coil but the place I bought them up at did the wiring for inside the boxes so I dont' know how they are wired. They just told me to hook each sub up to my amp so they are each bridged to it. Is this right? (question 1) Anyways, it sounds really good.

My other question is this.....I disconnected one of my 12's and hooked up a box set-up that has 3 MTX 10" subs wired at 4 ohms with only 1 wire connection coming out of the box. I hooked these up bridged to my amp with my other 12" bridged to my amp also. So I had running those 3 MTX 10" subs and 1 of my 12" MTX 6000A subs. Well, this was pounding. It was awesome. Can I do a set-up like this or will it fry my amp?

I hope I explained it clearly enough?? Thanks for your input.....

i have never had luck with dvc subs, but he probably just set them up to run parallel. yes, you can run with 3 10s and 1 12 off of 1 amp, just have to keep the amp cool is all. the more speakers you run/power you push, the more the amp wil heat up. i actualy have a fan built into the top of my amp now, which keeps it from overheating.