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amp in a 99 mountaineer

December 12, 2004
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Staten Island, New York
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'99 mountaineer
Hopefully someone can help. Where i sthe factory amp in a '99 mountaineer. I've found the sub amp on the sub box in the rear quarter panel but I can't find the mian amp for the rest of the speakers. Thanks

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If this is true than here's another question. When I installed an Alpine cva-1004 HU the stereo would clip if turned up more than half volume. When I ran new wires from the HU to the speakers direct the problem went away. PS there was no problems when the stock HU was in.

That's odd cause I put a Pioneer HU in my '99 and there was no amp for the speakers and they sound fine even when they're cranked right up.

I thought the same until someone told me that so radio options had an amp mounted somewhere behind the dash. I can't find it. If it helps my radio is a factory am/fm cd cass w/ a 6disk in the cosole. It also has steering wheel controls along with rear controls and headphone jacks.

Amp Location

If this is the JBL system the amp is behind the panel where the sub is located. It's about 2 feet forward of the sub.

I've taken out the entire sub box and the only amp behind the 1/4 panel plastic is the sub amp that is mounted to the box itself. I'm not sure which system I have some have said it's the JBL or LUX option. Does anyone know the differance or how I could tell?

You will NOT have the "LUX" radio in a '99 - it's last year was 1997. The "LUX" radio has small "pop-out" controls for BASS/TREBLE/FADE/BALANCE - and it will have a base part number of -18C851-.

You probably had a "Dual Media" radio (base part number -18C86:cool: with cassette and CD. This radio is INTERNALLY amplified for 4 channels, and has a line-out for the Subwoofer. The ONLY external amp you will find in this system is the SW amp.