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Amp location, Finding 1?


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
I have 2 RF amps. 1 250A2, 1 400A4. I have the 250A2 mounted behind the passanger panel where the factory amp would be. It's running my stealthbox. I have this 400A4 amp waiting to be installed. I have no clue where to put it. It doesn't fit under any seat, it won't fit behind the panels(drives side, or passanger side) & I need it hidden from view. The map pocket in the rear is out, that's where the stealthbox is. I'm not able to mount it on the back seat, because I fold them down alot to move stuff, & I need all the cargo space. It's a 94 sport. Any ideas?

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Other than on the panel that rests against the back of the rear seat (the metal "flap"), I have no other suggestions. Well, you could actually try to mount it under one of the front seats, but I don't know if you would have adequate ventillation. I do know that I have both of my amps (Alpine V12 and RF 200M) mounted on those metal flaps and the cargo space taken up is negligible.

my 81000d fits under the back seats (its quite a large amp) with no problem with the 0 gauge and the site fold down nice and dont interfere;]

You could try putting it in one of the panels in the back, pop off the panel rig it in there, if you could, and that would work, but it sounds like the amp is a bit too big.

Or like stated previously, try putting it under the back seat. Tons of room under there.

The seats are different on a 94 sport. There's no room at all unless I cut out the cushion. The amp will fit behind the rear panal, but then the trim doesn't fit back on right. Under the front seats are also out. Again no room I have manual seats, & the seat track, & adjuster are in the way.

Strap it behind the rear pannel like I did. There is ton's of room behind the rear speakers.


That may work, I have to check. What did you use to mount the amp?


Black Magic

Thanks for the idea! That's where I put it. Had to figure out the mounting, but it worked!



I pulled my interior apart today. I am ditching my big sub box and going stealth. SO I was in search of install spots for my amps. sports suck for that. No room under the seats front of rear. SO I started looking and there is plenty of room behind those rear speakers and I thought about that, but do you have any cooling porbs in the summer? that is the only think I am worried about. It is such a pain in the rear to even get to these spots if there is ever a problem.:rolleyes:

thats a good idea for going stealth!, if you guys are worried about overheating, then why not install fans for the job? you probably wouldn't even hear sure you can make some duct to let the hot air out too...