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AMP Not Producing Deep Bass


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February 2, 2011
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SB County, Killafornia
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96 XLT 4x4
I Recently Replaced My RCA Cables On My Amp because the white one wasnt working. While i was changing it i decided to change the Amps spot behind the seat where no one can see it. So my buddy what helping me hook everything up and hide the wires. Once we turned on the truck to test it out nothing was playing...we checked the amp wires and i saw he hooked up the 12volt to the amp turn on so i switched them and now the subs arent playing deep bass. Can i be something wrong with the amp or the wiring?

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how many subs are you running?

check that 1 isnt out of phase.

Also, double check to make sure that you didn't turn the gain down or change the x-over setting, when you moved it.

I have two subs 1 is a jl audio wx and the other a w1...ima check it out thanks

@sjr003 can it be the rca cables? They are the metra brand

It could be anything. You just have to start eliminating things.