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amp on/off toggle switch for 92 explorer


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January 24, 2004
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'92 XLT
I want to install an on/off toggle switch to my amp via the remote wire. I can install the amp fine, but I ran into one snag. I don't know to power the toggle switch. if anyone could give me some ideas on how to power the switch, I would greatly appreciate it.

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What kind of switch do you want? Lighted? Toggle? Other?

If you read, it says I want an on/off toggle switch. But that shouldn't matter, all switchses are powered the same I thought. I just need to know a way to use a wire to connect to power outlet (which requires a female connecter) on the switch. Would sautering it to an exisiting power wire, i.e. cigerette lighter wire work? Btw, it lights up when it's turned on.

Why can't you just put it inline your remote wire?

Switches are powered?

If you can install the amp, switching the remote wire should be no problem. A SP/ST toggle switch will only have two contacts on it, attach one side of the remote wire to one contact, the other side to the other contact.

You can use spade terminals to attach, or solder. Soldering would be prefered.

ok here how i did mine

First i used a lighted switch.
i Took a wire and connected it to the cilnoid.'For the power wire" Then i ran it threw the fire wall
Then i connected it to the switch.

Next Find A good Ground for the switch conectet it there.
then run it to the switch " the ground is only if you have a light in your switch"

Next is the acc.
Conect your remote wire to the Acc slot and it should be done.

I'm sry if this is wrong i have not put in a switch in long time hope it helps though

Thx skyjacker, that's exactly what I wanted to know.

Just out of curiosity, why not just use the remote wire?

Sounds like an unnecessary pain in the ass.

I am running the remote wire to a switch so I can turn the amp on and off in case of cops or whenever the people in the backseat don't want their ear drums bursting.

Isn't that what a volume control is used for?

lol if his is like mine volume controll wont work because ud have totaly mute fun

but i was thinking about this for the idiots that may try to play with it when/if i ever get my car serviced or something that way the amps wouldnt even power up

on my system if you simply turn the bass control down it makes a big difference

If I read what you are saying correct, you should also have some sort of fuse inline, fuse block or whatever with any electrical connection.

The following diagram will explain a setup (obviously there could be many). The blue wire from the deck or HU (head unit) will carry a low current 12v signal whenever the HU is turned on. Therefore the only way to prevent the amp from automatically powering up is to wire in the switch as shown. The HU and Amp are protected by multiple fuses as shown. The HU Acc line will also contain a case mounted or inline fuse. Let me know if it makes sense...

Another way of doing it is just using a standard switch, taking the wire from the remote turn on from your amp into one plug on the switch. Then use another wire and connect it to where your amp gets power from the battery, hooking that up to the other part of the switch.

That way every time you turn the switch on it completes the circuit and the amp will go on with it. Just remember to turn the switch off when you leave, otherwise you might drain the battery.

When I did this in my BII I just got a basic switch from AutoZone and ran the remote lead from the HU to the switch then to the amp.

Brian97v8 that is exactly what the diagram shows. :)
Brans Freestyle you have me confused; your solution doesn't make sense. :confused:

Sorry about confusing you, ill try to explain what i did.

The way I set up my system was I wired the amp normally for the + and - terminals connecting to the battery. Since the amp won't turn on unless power goes through the remote turn on lead connector and then through the eletricals system to the + part of the amp, I wired a switch.

The switch is a standard 2 prong one, and one wire goes from the switch to the + connector of the amp (where the + battery wire goes in), and the other wire goes from the switch to the remote lead for your amp. This way, whenever the switch is 'on' the amp will think its just like a lead from your radio, and turn on.

Here is a crude paint picture I made to try and show it better.


Thanks for the pic as it makes sense now. Your solution would work exactly as you outlined. You'd be better off getting power from the ACC on wire rather than a contstant 12v source. Otherwise (as you noted) you'd kill the battery if you forget to switch it off.

Using the remote wire directly from the HU ensures the amp is powered off whenever the HU is shut off, clean & simple with no worries of a dead battery.

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