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Amp power in 2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer


June 11, 2003
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Raleigh, NC
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I'm getting ready to do my first audio installation in my 2003 Explorer (Eddie Bauer). I am checking things out first and want to have all my ducks in a row before I start the installation.

I have an Infinity amp that I am going to put under the 2nd row seat, and was wondering how y'all got power to your amps through the firewall. I would prefer not to drill if at all possible, so if anyone knows of another way through, please let me know! If I do have to drill, where is the best place to do it and what sort of bit do I need? Will an amp installation kit come with a grommet, or do I need to look for one of those too?

The rest of the system is: 5.25 MBQuarts for the front, Pioneer 7500 MP HU. In the future I plan on installing something for the rear doors (any suggestions?) and possible upgrading the factory sub and sub amp.

Poke / drill a hole in the gasket the surrounds the hood release latch cable

Look on the driver side below the master brake cylinder. There should be an area covered by this black material. I just cut a cross there with a knife and routed the wire through there. Comes in somewhere above the emergency brake drilling necessary.
Hope that helps.