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Amp problem


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
I installed my amp to drive my stealthbox this weekend. Everything seems to be wired correctly & all the fuses are good. Ran wire to battery, have a good ground, ran turn on wire, & ran RCA's to my head unit. I get little output from the sub. It doesn't even sound like it's on. The sub works I hooked it up to my home stereo. Could I have a bad amp? Anyway to test the amp? I don't have another car that it could be hooked up into.


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I know this may sound like a silly question but since you didn't mention it..

Did you try adjusting the gains? Might be as simple as the gains are turned all the way down.

Yes gains are all the way up.

whats the ohm rating on your sub and amp? If you have a 2ohm sub your amp might not be 2ohm stable. Other things are check your fuse and then maybe you have the highpass filter on, you need to have the low pass filter on. Get back to us if its not these two things. Then again do you have pics of your stealth box and did you make it?

Are the wires inside the box correct? If the ground and power are switched then it would create the problem. I know it sounds stupidly easy, but was checking all bases.

The wires are correct, the fuses look good (I have yet to replace them) that's my next step. It's & JL audio stealthbox with the correct 4 ohm woofer so that's fine, & it does work when I connect it to my home system. It's set to low pass. I have tried high & full range. I also tried hooking it up to the left & right channels & results are the same. I only have time on the weekends to mess with it so I'll dig deeper then.

What a PITA! From a week of testing. The sub is good, the amp is good, The wires are good. Only souce left is the head unit. The line output might be bad. I have a replacment on it's way to me. I hope that fixes it. If not I'm baffled.

90% of all car audio installs is the remote turn on. Try putting ur remote turn on to ur continuous power to see if that helps the problem.

Also, are you using a line out converter?

Turn on is fine. I ran it direct to the battery, the remote wire & power antenna lead from the head unit. Didn't matter. If the remote turn on lead was not good the amp would not turn on. It was on. No line output converters. Direct RCA cable from the line out of the head unit to the line input on the amp. The amp was bench tested by a shop & works fine in all modes with all conections.

if you have anything with a rca output you can plug it into your amps rca output to see if that works. If it does then its your hu.