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amp question.......


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March 23, 1999
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Alpharetta, GA
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95 xlt
i have an alpine amp, its a 1500 watt x2 bridged to my subs, someone disconneted everything from the amp as they were going to try to steal it. now i got everythign hooked back up but there is now power going to the subs. the amp is getting power cuase the power light is on but the "protection" light is blinking red. before someoen disconnected everyitng it was wokring fine.

any ideas?

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You have a very nice thief, most that I've seen just cut the wires or try to pull them out.

Check all the fuses to make sure they are okay, any of the wires damaged (casing cut so they are grounding out).
Not sure what else.

all fuses are good and all the wires apear to be fine. i am going to take off the cover tongith and see if possibly the transformers blew, could have shorted out the amp when he was messing with it

Disconnect all your speaker wiring. If the protection light is still on then likely the amp has gone bad. If the protection light goes off, connect one speaker at a time and see if you can duplicate the problem. This should help you narrow it down.

what subs do you have hooked up to the amp? it might be possible that the wiring was done differently causing the amp to carry a certain load that it is not stable at. for instance, my 1001bd amp would do the same if i were to wire my 2 dvc 4 ohm HX2's down to a load of one ohm.

havnt gottena chance to open the amp up yet.

shouldnt be the wireing of the subs becuase that has not changed. i am running 3 jl12w6 they are 6 ohm running at 2