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amp, sub combo


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June 6, 2002
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96 xlt
i just ordered a prfile 600 msx amplifier and a thunderform. my friend is selling me his alpine
sws-2545 10 inch subs. im gonna put one in the thunderform and power it with the amp. how does this setup sound.. by the way i have mb quart discus components up front and mb 5x7 in back. how will this setup be.

Although Profile says the amp is 600Watts with 3X20 fuses it probally isnt the 600Watts it claims to be, sorry to say. But manufacturs like Profile, Lanzar, etc OVER OVER rate there amps. And what sucks is they have cought on about everyone saying "you have to look at the fuses" so now they just stick a few more fuses in there to TRY to trick us. The only way to find out if it sounds good is to try it out, if it dosent work out the way you wanted it to dont hestate to return it, I mean your gonna have to live with it for quite some time arent you? So see how it does, no one can tell you how it will sound on your setup (well some could) but you will know when you give it a test run. Also Im guessing you paid 150ish for the amp, if the Profile doesnt work out there are plenty of bass amps , or 2channels out there for around the same price.


by the way i have a kenwood amp running the rest of my speakers. the profile amp is only for the subwoofers