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amp time on body lift?


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September 3, 2008
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Valley, Al
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91 4X4 sport, '96 xlt AWD
My dad and I took off work tomorrow to do a body lift on my 1996 ford explorer hes been around drag racing and had a ford ranger on 44s did all suspension work and motor work himself and with his knowledge and time on cars could we complete the body lift in one day ill be needing my car for class and work tuesday and cannot be out of way to get there this may be an off the wall question and sorry for the inconvience if im wasting your time. Just trying to get a round about amp time, thanks! sidney

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If you guys are just doing a body lift I can't see it taking more than a day to do.

Thanks man i guess we are going to give it a shot i got 35s waiting to be put on when its finished, looking to a SOA soon with the spindle lift! Cant wait, my student loans are being spent wisely!

I haven't seen to many guys complete a body lift in one day on here. Most do it over the weekend. The biggest snag a lot of them run into is wrestling with rusted parts but since I see your down south i imagine you shouldn't have that problem. But i would definitely get as early of a start on it as you can incase you do run into any problems.

i havent seen of anyone doing it actually. My dads a pretty persistant guy he swapped my motor and tranny in about 4 hours a week ago pretty quick and accurate work, took it to the shop for a check but he i didnt tell him i had it double checked lol. We have all power tools, cheater bars, cutting tools and body lift instructions printed out hes starting around 8 in the morning so imma give him the benifit of the doubt! Good luck pops! ha! all motivation welcome! anyone with definit info to help please contact me!

Took me two days because my front engine compartment bolts took a full can of PB, sledge, torch, and 4 foot breaker bar to get out over a 9 hour period (not including an overnight that they sat soaking). Good luck.

Everyone says it'll take a full weekend to do a BL on our explorers but i tell ya i did it all by myself with minimal tools and no REAL knowledge of doing it myself other then research on here in like 8 hours man. Which BL ya doin the 3" or 2"?? Just make sure that ya losen up the brake lines and other parts attached to the body and frame bud ;) ;) . GL and i have no thoughts you and your dad can do it man. Just take your time and all will fall into place, oh yeah loosen all the bolts then lift one side at a time ;) ;).......

I did it in one day by myself, I had a friend for an hours or so to help me jack it up but did the next myself in about 10 hours. I had a torch for seized bolts and have custom bumpers so I didn't lift those. I had read through the guide I found on here and read the instructions ahead of time. I also went out and identified all the mounts and parts that needed to be extended.

Its probably too late but start spraying every body mount bolt now and everyday until the day of the body lift. The front mounts at the radiators are gonna probably give you issues cause often times they are the ones that spin. Oh and impact tools are your friend and so is a mapp gas torch to heat up stuck bolts.

well guys majr set baack transmission went all the way bad this morning it had been acting up awhile hence the transmission questions a week or so ago, luckily i had purchased a new one so today turned into swap transmissions so i have a ride to work and class so wednesday will be the day for body lifting, sorry for the let down guys but i will be sure to post pics i have the tt/shackles already when the body lift goes on i have mickey thompson classic IIs on 35s waiting to mount my beast:)