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amp with factory radio


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May 1, 2000
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97 4d OHV
Isn't there something i can by to hook to my factory radio to hook up my RCA cables for an amp?

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Yes you can buy step downs. They wire into your speakers in the rear. You can pick them up just about anywhere

were can you find the adapters on the net? I have several subs and amps sitting around looking for some action :D

That is exactly what i need, thanks!

I dont know what my amp is to tell you the truth, it's at a friends house right now.

I'll check here locally tomorrow.

i have an extra line out convertor that i used for about a month in my sisters old escort awhile back. I'll sell it to you for 15 plus a few bucks for shipping. its in perfect shape. pm or email me if you're interested.

i just looked at the picture that hokie posted. the one i have is the very same one that is in crutchfield.