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Amp with Subs not working?


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March 7, 2002
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Overland Park, KS
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92 Navajo
Well, I have a '92 Navajo and I'm trying to install my amp with some subs. I have an El Kameleon LX-50 wired into my car and I have it wired into my Mobile Authority A804 4 channel amp. My head unit has a subwoofer pre-out and I have the RCA cables hooked up to my amp, but in only channel 1&2, not 3&4. I know my amp is wired correctly(ground, REM, power from batt.) Anyway, when I try to use my subs, I amp get power(it lights up) but I get nothing from my subs. They are wired into Channels 1 and 2, not the bridged ones. Someone told me to split my RCA cables so it goes into all my inputs, but I don't know. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks a lot!

Yeah...use y-connectors to split your right and left rcas to all the inputs on the amp. I am running my 4-channel amp bridged now and I have mine split too. I would also recommend bridging each side of the amp and putting one side of the amp on each sub. Im not sure about your amp, but most 4-channel amps need to be bridged to provide enough power to the subs.