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Amplifer ground wires


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May 19, 2003
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'97 Eddie Bauer
I bought two MTX Thunder 4000's and they ran at 400 RMS so i got a lightning audio 350RMS amplifier kit. I recently bought a new 800RMS audiobahn amplifier for my three audiobahn twelves so i know that my 350RMS kit will no longer be sufficient. Can i just buy a rockford-fosgate 4 gauge ground wire or do i need an entirely new amp kit? i dont wanna completely redo the install so if i could just switch out the ground wire for a stronger one that would be great.

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you will probably be fine either way.....if its not too much of a difference

ok i read that again and i see what u want are wanting to do..the kit says 350rms because thats all the power wire and ground can reliably u will need to run a larger power and ground..u do not however need to buy a wire that says fosegate on it

u will need like a 4ga power and ground..least that is what i would run because that will power prety much anything u want later on so wont have to tear it all apart again

You will need to upgrade the power and ground wire for sure, the fuse near the battery may need to be upgraded - check to make sure the fuse holder can accept 4 gauge.

i'm guessing you have 10 gauge right now- you will be alright with 8 guage, but if you can afford to i'd go with 4 gauge as others have suggested. check to see if the amp will accept 4 gauge though most amps will not.

damn drew where u been i havent seen u on AIM in a long good for ur buddys now :( lol

the amp is still running great btw =)

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