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Amplifer Placement


March 1, 1999
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1996 Sport
I was thinking about where can I mount my 2 amplifers in my 1996 Sport.

I've heard of mounting them under the rear seat but it looks too tight. I also heard of mounting them under the front seats but I'm worried of backseat passengers stepping/kicking them unintentionally.

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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i have a 97 sport and i have my amp mounted under the front passenger seat. no problems whatsoever with anyone kicking it or stepping on it.

You could try mounting them in the same location as the factory amp. I know at least one will fit here, but you will have to bypass to old one first. An aftermarket one doesn't use the same type of connections. It is located behind the rightside rear panel if you didn't know.

What up everyone,

What i did was get a tuffy products console from It's a tough metal locking console that houses my changer and amp. It's the best place to mount the equipment. All i did was remove my old console, the one that can't hold a changer, which was pretty easy. Then I had the equipment installed in the console. Then i drille holes on the floor and bolted them down. I also installed a CPU fan inside which is wired with the amp to help cool off the inside of the console.

There are two types of consoles that will work. The 8inch wide console is the one that will fit. One style is just a regular console with armrest, the other one has a place to put your stereo. The stereo console can't be used for a CD deck, because most CD decks are only designed to be angled at 18 degrees or less. I got the stereo console, but i mounted my cd deck in dash because of the reason i just stated. Anyways, the extra compartment where the stereo could be housed i use for loose items, so it works out.

if you have any further questions email me at The set up is pretty sweet. its better to go through all the trouble than to have it mounted on the back of the rear seats or any other space consuming area. it especially works best for high power amps that are larger. larger high powered amps wont fit in the tiny space of the factory amp. let me know if you have any questions. this set up is the bomb. this is a must for anyone wanting a top quality system without wasting space.