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Amplifier Question


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March 3, 2009
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Oklahoma City, OKlahoma
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'99 Explorer Sport
Ok so I a looking to upgrade my sub amp in the future because it is under powering it. I need something for a Power Acoustik PW3-15H(900W RMS 2600W max)

So you want an amp around 500-600 watts rms. That sub is overrated. Its Power Acoustic. Also don't put that sub in a ported enclosure. It will be SUPER peaky and sound like crap.

It is made for BIG sealed boxes or IB.

So I need a sealed box, by big how many cubic feet is that? PA recommends 2 sealed. How big should it be?

i'd go with aroun 2.5-3 cu ft sealed...try stuffing it with fiber fill...or stuffing it with solid material to bring the internal volume down.