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Amsoil Series 2000 0W - 30W


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April 7, 2004
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96 XLT; 97 XLT
About 4-6 months ago, I changed the oil in our 96 4.0 ohv (whick has about 109,000mi) and went with Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30w and an Amsoil filter. Lately the motor knocks (for a couple seconds) during the first startup of the day. I have replaced the filter with a Motorcraft just to see if the filter was getting clogged. Still have the knocks. I had sat the old filter to drain out. The oil that came out of it was black. The oil on the dipstick does not look that dirty. It looks slightly darker than the color of new convention oil. Has anyone else had this problem?

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i'm running amsoil 2000 0w-30w series for 30000 miles on my 96 ohv explorer.

Before i switch to synthetic i change my oil to a cheap brand and i let it run for a few minutes. then i put the synthetic and i crank the engine 3 times before i let it start.

my engine from that day runs as smooth as ever, no knocks or anything. i had the same problem having black dirty oil when i changed the synthetic oil the first 2 times, but now it gets clear after my third changed. the first year i changed it 2 times in 4 months just to clear the engine.

is a possibility that the knock it was there from before and you just hear it after you change to synthetic because you worry about it.

i would say go around and ask the mechanics about it without telling them that you switch to synthetic. you can also change back to the regular oil and see if anything changes.

When I switched from regular oil to synthetic (Mobil 1) mine started making a knocking sound after startup for a couple of minutes. If it's not bad I wouldn't worry about it.

Been using Series 2000 0w30 for well over a year now. No issues noted. My wife was having issues with her 2000 Subaru Outback. Was running a bit rough and a bit louder than normal. She thought he exhaust was going. We put Series 2000 and an Ea filter in and voila, her car was dead quiet and running like a top.

Sorry, completely opposite of your situation. My wife's not one to notice these things. She was impressed with Amsoil from that day onwards.

I use 2000 0w30 with no issues whatsoever. Going on 25k right now.

We had taken a trip last weekend with our 96. Since then, there is no knocking at the first start up of the day. We had pulled our 5 x 10 utility trailer with 2ft solid sides (what a parachute) to get a load of firewood for this winter. I know we had a load on the return trip. Maybe with making the motor work, it pushed a peice of dirt out that may have been stuck some where.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts.

I've been using series 2000 for probably 135k of 146k miles on my truck. In other words, I bought the truck with about 6 miles on it, and switch to synthetic at about 10k miles IIRC. I switched to a thicker oil a couple times due to leaks, but recently fixed all of my KNOWN leaks, and am back on the series 2000. So far I don't seem to be losing any, so apparently it WAS the leaks, and they were worse than I thought. I am debating whether or not I want to keep spending that much money on oil for a truck with 150k miles on it though. But, overall I've been happy with it.

I can report that my truck's engine is indeed louder with the 0W-30 than it was with 10W-30.

I am considering shifting back to 10W-30 next time. After all, it doesn't get cold here and even 10 weight AMSOIL flows to way way below zero.

As far as leaks go, there is no change between 0W-30 and 10W-40. I still have a wet rear main but it's no worse or better than before.

That's funny, I did have this exact same problem with my 98' Mountaineer 5.0L. I bet if you search around in the forums you can fine my thread about this oil. I switched all my oils over to Amsoil awhile back. I did my differentials, transfer case AND I tried Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30 with an Amsoil filter. I noticed my engine knocked more after I put it in...made like a tapping sound after it started up and it was sort of off and on. I was thinking maybe I had a rocker arm out of adjustment or a lifter sticking? So I ran Sea Foam through my gas to see if that would free anything up, nothing. I talked to a few people and was told that 0w-30 is some pretty thin oil and with the mileage I have, I should look into a little thicker oil. So I decided to switch back to what my engine recommends which is 5w-30. I switched my oil filter to a Motorcraft and I now run Mobil 1 full synthetic 5w-30 and problem solved. It still taps a little but its not nearly as bad, even a friend could tell the difference. I would go back to using what your engine recommends, simple as that.

The very best oils will clean out an engine much better than lesser oils. That will reveal existing conditions which had been muted or masked before. The engine is not at all worse off, it is simply clearer what condition it is in.

It can be a good choice to vary the viscosity some, note though that the viscosity when warmed up is the second descriptor. The first number only affects cold conditions. When running, a 0-50 oil is going to operate just like a 20-50 oil. Good luck,

The first number only affects cold conditions. When running, a 0-50 oil is going to operate just like a 20-50 oil. Good luck,

Well stated Don, I have been waiting for that to be pointed out. That fact seems to have been forgotten.

Yeah, like I said, I only changed it out to 5W30 and once to 10W40 when my front and rear seals were leaking. This made no difference, since the leak happens when running in the case of those seals. Now that both have been replaced, I will see if I have to add oil in 5 or 10k miles, or not. I think that I was blowing more oil out the front seal than I thought, since it never dripped anwhere. When I fixed it, there was oil blown all over everything, so I suspect I was losing a lot of it there while driving. Time will tell if that's the only place (never have smoked any though either).