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Android Auto head unit?


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May 13, 2009
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1997 Monsterneer
I have been reading thru similar threads, but they were all pretty old so I decided to start a new thread.

I am looking in to getting a Android Auto head unit. Right now I am using a top of the line Sony single din unit, a tablet and my cell phone, but I am leaning towards the simplicity of combining the tablet and head unit in to one. Then mirroring the phone to the display. Anyone have any experience installing one of these in the 2nd gen? Pics and/or links to threads would be great. I would assume that the installation would be similar to installing any other double din head unit in to these rigs, but the opening seems a bit small for a double din head.

I use atoto double din media players with gps and rear camera installed. We have similar units in 4 of our trucks. I love them

Check out atoto on amazon they are high quality and I love them would recommend to everyone
It is an android based head unit with all the same functionality of a tablet but better

It is a double din unit very easy to install they are not bulky or heavy
Have had zero issues with them in a few years now

Thanks, just ordered mine. I'll try it out in my FR-S and see what I think.

crutch field has some good stuff, never gotten something i disliked from them.