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Another AC question


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January 10, 2001
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When I have the AC on and I stop, the compressor constanty kicks on and off. I still have cold air, and the pressure is good on the low pressure side. When I am driving it does NOT do this, only when standing still w/ the AC on. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance....

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If the vent register temp is ok then I wouldn't worry about it.

I hear you, but it is very annoying everytime I stop to hear the constant clicking of the compressor and feeling the rpms drop every other second. Currently I just turn the AC off when I am stopped, just wondering if anyone else had the same issue and what their fix was. (dealer wants 90$ just to diag it). Thanks in advance...

Is it EVERY second? The system will click and every 5-10seconds or so. That is normal. Does it while you're driving too, just don't hear it cause you're driving. As long as it is not every 1-3 seconds, you're fine. If it is doing it that fast, and your pressure is good, then your low pressure switch itself might be bad. There is a way to jump it to test I think. Try searching for Low Pressure Switch.

This is normal for the Ford system. They have a chart (I cannot find mine at the moment,) regarding cycle on vs off time. It was amazing to me the first time I saw it. In cooler (under 90's and higher) temps and at idling speeds, the compressor will draw the low side pressure down to about 26 or 27 lbs, and the low pressure switch will kick in, the pressure then builds up again and the system restarts. This can happen every 20 seconds or so at an idle. It's annoying I admit, like in winter with the defrost on and hearing that constant clicking because the air is running. Doesn't seem to hurt anything though.(In winter I disconnect the AC sometimes for days at a time, then reconnect it when the weather is drier.) I'd maybe recheck my charge level if you have a way to do that, a low charge can exacerbate the matter.

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Thanks guys, it is cycling like every 2-3 seconds at idle. I will look into the low pressure switch.

When the system gets low on refrigerant, it cycles faster, and faster until it is depleted.

Yea that is the first thing I checked. I used a gauge on the low pressure side and it showed the coolant level was fine, I threw a can of freon in there just to be safe but it still cylcles continously at idle. I am going to try the low pressure switch.

this is one of those times when a gauge set would be really nice to have. Be interested in knowing the system parameters... hi side and low side pressures, ambient and vent temps.