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another Body lift post



After doing much much searching I am confused on which body lift kit to get for my 95X. I have read to get PA-853 which is for 95 - 97 rangers but I have also read to get PA-883 which is for 98 - 00 rangers. Both kits are on the summit site for $134.95. Also the site says both kits come with the steering extension and bumper relocation brackets. So which one do I get?


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I used the #883 on my 96.

You need the steering extention from the 853 and the bumper brackets from the 883. You should just go with the 853 and either make your own brackets or call PA and be like i just rearened and got rearended and need new bumper brackets on my 00 ranger....... Im sure others will chime in

Originally posted by Texplorer
I used the #883 on my 96.

you do 2 inch or 3 inch? 2 inch ones dont use an extention

I used, and recommend, the 853 for your '95. Brackets are easy to make. Steering extensions are more expensive to buy and tougher to fab.

They do. But both kits have different extensions and brackets. You need the extension from the 853 and the bumper brackets from the 883.

So it is easier to get the 853 and just make your own bumper brackets.

I installed the 3" #883 lift. The front bumper brackets worked fine and I made my own for the rear. The steering extension didnt fit right but about 5 minutes with a grinder and my steering column and it was all fixed.