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Another catalytic question


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October 29, 2007
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98 explorer eddie bauer
Hey all have a 98 eddie bauer explorer. I did some searching and read about different catalytic converter problems. Ours read a bad o2 sensor awhile back and he wondered about the catalytic converter. Well we had the sensor replaced and the error went away. We however still got poor gas mileage at 17 nearly all the time. We started hearing a rattle and Im still not sure if its the head shield or what but the check engine light came on again. We had it checked and now it seems another o2 sensor and the catalytic for sure this time. Our quote with parts labor etc is $600. After looking around it seems we could do it for about half that with a bolt on setup. My father in laws got loads of tools etc so I think we could handle it but wondered if anyone had any thoughts for me on it. :)

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I also had the same kind of problem. After I flushed the engine (with oil change) I got the code - bad 02 sensor. I changed the sensors and code has gone. But mileage got worse (about yours). Maybe we schould change the converters. Maybe I destroyed the converters by flushing the engine with kerosene added to oil just before the change ?

Well we are definately going to change ours just trying to figure out if we can do it ourselves. I mostly worry about the rust and the tightness of the area. I think we will get a bolt on one and change it then let the shop do the o2 sensor and check the computer. Ill post back once its done and see if the mileage changes. :salute:

I just changed the left side O2 sensor on my '93 and it just took me unplugging the connector and using a 7/8th open end wrench to unscrew and replace it. I think it took me all of 10 minutes to do. The codes can be checked at Autozone for free. Loosening rusty bolts is easier with liquid Wrench or some other rust dissolving spray. The can has directions.

That's what I like to hear. I think we are going to give it a shot. Also a 98 would have front and rear correct? I haven't climbed under there yet myself but should be this evening.