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Another choosing a flowmaster muffler question

I went under to measure and from the back there's just the stock tailpipe running to what looks like a catilytic converter about mid-vehicle. Is this the muffler? A little confused, because everything looks stock and it's definitely not loud enough to be without a muffler... guess it's a muffler?

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that's the muffler.

speaking of..... I JUST GOT MY FLOWMASTER 50 SUV last night!!! its sitting in the truck right now, how should i put it in? what do these clamps look like and will they be leak free?

Yep, it's the muffler. I just had a 70 series installed this morning and it sounds great! Not too loud but it's deeper with a nice tone and you definitely know it's not stock. Thanks for all the input everyone.

That said, do tips have any mechanical significance or are they just for show?

Dunno about the clamps, I just said freak it and had it installed. =]

i ended up welding it, i know a guy so he did it for me it sounds pretty nice:thumbsup:

Hey guys, I am new to this forum and this is one of the only threads i could find that talks about what flowmaster exhaust sounds best on a 4.0 explorer. I have a 95 and I really want to put a flowmaster muffler. I just dont know which one will sound the best. whichever muffler I get I want it to be single in and dual out. aAso i dont want to run any pipe after the muffler i want it dumped. I know this might be overkill but i want it to be loud, but also sound good. So i am wondering which flowmaster series muffler would work best for this situation.

u guys should post sound clips of the exhausts lets hear them rumble