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another explorer problem

j greathouse

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September 9, 1999
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My battery recently died and I replaced it I also checked my alternater and its fine but the sound is still there. there is a sound that started about a week ago and it sounds like a grinding noise under the hood. It all most sounds like the motor oil is low and the motor is grinding but thats not it cause I changed the oil 2 days ago and used castrol synthetic like usuall. could it be my water pump, power steering pump maybe. its very odd cause you can hear the sound very well in the cab but when I pop the hood to listen the fan is too loud to point anything out im very concerned about this any help would be great.

Oh yea tonight I'm going to check my spark plugs I have bosch platinum 4's about a month old one could be loose if im lucky.

Quick way to find out if it's one of your accesories(alternator, p/s pump, tensioners,etc.), remove the fan belt and see if the noise is still there or if it went away. If noise went away, it's one of your accesories. If not, it could be in your engine, clutch t/o brg if manual trans, you get the idea.

If the noise gets louder as you turn the wheels from side to side, it's probably the power steering pump. Otherwise, it's hard to say without checking it in person. If you take the belt off, try turning all the accessories' pulleys and see if you get a grinding "feel" from any of them...

I dont know what motor you have but I also had a grinding noise. I have a '97 4.0 sohc. after researching everything( the removing the fan belt idea helped isolate) I discovered that the chain tensioner to the counter balance shaft was broken and missing. I also found that the chain tensioner to the driver side camshaft was also broken. Very cheap items!! I'm sure ford will have several complaints as thease motors gain in milage
hope that helps

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