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Another final A4LD question


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May 7, 2013
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Gypsum, KS
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1993 Ford Explorer xlt
First I want to say for all of those doing any kind of band adjustment, follow the specs with the right torque wrench, it does make a difference, especially on the intermediate band.
However, now that my bands are properly adjusted. I am starting to hear a howling sound when it goes into 4th gear(OD).
I just want to clarify, I have a 94 transmission in a 93 Explorer and I believe both bands are single wrap, so that means torque down to 100 inch lbs and then back off exactly 2 turns on both bands. 91 and 92 Explorers have double wrap bands and the OD bands needs to be backed off 3.5 turns. Is this correct?
I've read different things. Like tighten to 120 inch lbs and back off the intermediate band 1.5 turns and the OD 2 turns. What is the correct specs for this. Yes I have read all the post by others. I am just wondering why my 4th gear is howling and growling and my other gears are very smooth.

A miss adjusted band would cause slipping and not noise unless it was worn out. Sounds like the OD planetary gear set is going bad.

I was afraid you were going to say that.