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Another maker of Radius Arms....

Mat R

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February 9, 1999
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Thought everyone might be interested in this. I talked with a James Duff sales person yesterday and he said that after some testing they have found that their bronco II/ranger extended radius arms also fit the 91-94 Explorer! this is good news because it fits small suspension lifts all the way up to 4", which is good for those of us with the 2.5" that couldn't by the ones from superlift. Tha arms cost about $300.00 and it is my understanding that they increase suspension travel and improve steering geometry. I'm excited! how about you?

1992 Ford Explorer XLT
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Me too. Check out my web page.

The person I talked to at JD said they worked and didn't mention anything about the lower shock mount not being there so I don't know...

1992 Ford Explorer XLT
Interested in trucks..?
Me too. Check out my web page.

Last time I checked the Duffy extended radius arms were not "offset". Oversize tires will most likely rub even with proper rim backspacing.

Also, you must use the "Hoop Style Double Shock Mounts" with them as the extended radius arms don't have lowers shock mounts. I've heard mixed reviews on the double shock mounts...

The hardware for mounting the shock to the radius arm is availible from both James Duff and Superlift. It will require drilling 3 holes and bolting on the bracketry.