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another new member

hello all

i'm new to this site but not explorers.

i just got my second explorer, yes i guess once is not enough. no more recalls!

i now have a 2000 4x4, 4dr, 4.0 sohc, xlt sport pack, new osram silver star bulbs, 16k, factory sunroof,leather.

so far i'm enjoying it alot, it needs a trip to a national forest!

previously i bought new a 1998 xlt 4x4,4dr, trailer towing, mach audio [it was nice!] 4.0 sohc, i traded it off with 82k, hella 500 fog lights.

i wish posting pictures was a little easier here.

this looks like a great site



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June 11, 2001
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Welcome to the site...This site is wonderful most of the people are really nice and the ones that arent get moderated. The search button will become your new best friend. Your wallet will always be empty because the mod bug will bite and it will bite hard. I don't think it will be too long before is your startpage.


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November 26, 2000
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It actually is pretty easy to post pics when you become an elite explorer. After browsing the site for a while, you may want to consider it. Plus, it supports the site too!