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Another NewB here!

January 2, 2005
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Wind Lake, WI
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'95 XLT
Hey gang!

Great site here! Already finding plenty of useful info.

Went looking for some info on a shake my '95 XLT 4x4 just started to develop and came across this site. Found that it's probably the rear U-joints, as I had suspected.

Now, About me and my beater(s).

I'm a proud owner of a '95 Black XLT 4x4. Just turned 187,000 miles and runs like new. :thumbsup: She's my faithful daily driver. Love it. Haven't done any mods, well, does a K&N Air filter count? :D Got a nice stereo installed and it's a pleasure to drive.

I previously owned a '91 Silver/Gray XLT 4x4, sold it a few months ago to buy the '95. 145,000 miles on the '91's ticker, and was running perfect too.

The '95 I currently own was my mom's. She went and splurged on a 04' F-150 FX4 Supercab. So, I got first shot at her mint '95. All maintenace was done by my dad on it, so I know how well it was cared for.

My non-daily driver is a Satin Silver '02 Mustang GT. It's parked for the winter and getting a Kenne Bell 9psi twin-screw supercharger as soon as it rolls out of storage. My wife doesn't really like the idea of me doing that, but she's cool with it; she loves the car too. As it sits, it's got a Mac Off-road H pipe, Flowaster Force II catback, C&L Plenum, Accufab 75mm TB, Mac Staight-Shot CAI, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, Steeda Timing adjuster, Mach 1 Grill delete, Ford Racing C Springs(1.25" drop), and Steeda Caster/camber plates.

Wow, that got long. Anyways, see ya in the forums!

Welcome to the site.. Glad to see someone family is all Ford family. Should have kept the 1st gen and made it a trail rig.

Blee1099 said:
Glad to see someone family is all Ford family.

The only non-Fords in my immediate family is my wife's '99 Dodge Crapvenger(it's not bad, but I sure don't like it) and my little sis drives a Olds cutlass. Otherwise, my dad drives a '97 F-150, my mom has her '04, and my brother has a '02 F-250 SD, and a 1977 F-150 Custom that my dad bought 21 years ago. He bought it from him a couple years ago and completely restored it. All original, but the 400(bored .030 over) got some serious power. It'll bark all four when you stomp on it.:eek:

We're one big happy Ford family :D

Blee1099 said:
Should have kept the 1st gen and made it a trail rig.

I shoulda! But I needed the cash. Maybe the '95 will get the treatment when I upgrade my daily driver.