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Another Newb to the list...


February 9, 2013
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McKinney, TX
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98 Explorer Sport
Hey guys im new to the site from Orlando FL area.

Have owned Mustangs my entire life and still do with the exception of a 02 f 150 King Ranch i owned a few years back. Ever since i parted ways with the truck i have wanted another.

Got a Great deal on a pretty clean 98 Explorer 4x4 2D Sport 4.0L That i couldn't pass up. Need a daily driver so i can keep some miles of the car and i figured it would make a great daily / another toy :D

Welcome to this forum!

Thanks! I was going to post and ask a few questions but shortly after I joined I clicked on a few stickys and answered all my questions.

Doing some research as I think im going to keep it IFS for now and try to get 35s or a 315-70-17 size tire under it.Since Its going to be a daily I won't be able to have any down time for a sas up front.

I will post up some pics of it when I get a chance there on my cell.. Does this forum use tapatalk?