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Another Paint Code Question (UARC?)


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September 26, 2005
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I've been to my dealer and they can't help (i'm in the UK which is probably why). My paint code is down as being UARC, searching the forums i can find UA as Ebony and RC as Medium Platinum so I presume I have a mixture of the two (it's a kind of metallic black). Any ideas where I could get touch up paint or do you think i'll have to get it specially matched and mixed by someone?

Mr Bloob, you can get the touchup paint at, but the shipping may be prohibitive, since you live across the pond.

By the way, the UA (Ebony) and the RC (Medium Platinum) are two separate colors. The platinum is usually a trim color that's used on the flares and skirts.....

I'd try a paint supply store in your home country. If they don't have it, they can mix it from the code.

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Thanks for the reply, it is black with a platinum trim so that must be it. Is the Ebony a metallic black?
Strange my dealer couldn't have told me that. :rolleyes:

Is the Ebony a metallic black?
Hi Bloob. The Ebony black isn't described as a metallic color, however it might have a slight amount of metallic in it. All automotive colors, even black, are made up of several toners. Maybe Ford specified some metallic in it, to give it a little 'pop'. (Anything to make the color stand out a bit on the lot).

With that code in hand, you should be able to have some mixed up. Probably cheaper to get it from a local paint store, rather than have it shipped......

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