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Another part ID question


16 Explorer Interc. Eboost
March 31, 2021
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North Bergen, NJ
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2016 Explorer E-Boost PPV
My 2016 is missing a cover where one the the grille lights were...What is this part called? I tied numerous iterations and came up empty.

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I didn't see anything similar on the parts sites I checked. You might try some auto recyclers. I would think it might be called some kind of insert.
Perhaps the PIU Modifier Guide may have that info, Good luck.


they are called grille inserts, but isn't a part that you can buy from a store (no part number) as peter suggest try a junk yard or ebay, btw this may be helpful for future reference Publications | Body Builder Advisory Service if you have Facebook there are many groups (police interceptor) you may find something there.

Yeah, they come only with the grille itself. Here's a thought: take the other one out and mount some fog lamps up there. It will look cool, I think.

Looking for a grille part 2016 interceptor utility.​


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