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Another Starter Motor Question


October 11, 2007
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Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada
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95 eddie
Here goes turned key can hear relay pull in leave key on jumped relay post can hear solenoid click, put 12v test lamp on starter solenoid wire yes 12v put test lamp on battery terminal to starter yes 12v looking good check relay 12v to relay lower terminal and relay switch . Now the fun begins having to pull the @#&*(&* starter motor out LOL 1hr and blood blister nail later it’s on the floor jumped solenoid get the clunk jumped the started post starter spins jumped the solenoid pin the pin moves in and out scratch my head have a coffee just then a telemarketer phoned vented my frustration damm it was good. Cleaned all connections decided to solder a wire to the solenoid pin as connector looked rough put starter motor back in and tried again I get the starter relay click and the starter solenoid clunk but not bloody start checked all the voltages again everything is there, Gave up ordered a pizza took a shower wrote this post if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

As you found, you can get the starter to spin BUT that was with "no load". Likely a weak / shorted motor.....BUT could also be a bad connection to the starter (since the solenoid works... grounds are good and the "other" 12v connection is good). You might want to run a wire for the other 12v (ie. to the starter motor). Test lights aren't really a good method for checking things.