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Another stealth sub box


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April 12, 2001
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Draper, UT
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97 XLT
Hi all, for anyone who might be interested. I built my own custom sub box to hide in the back corner where the little cargo box goes. I regularly fill my X with mountain bikes and gear for road trips so this works out great. I used a Rockford Fosgate P2 8" since it only needs .25 cubic feet for a sealed box. So that made the box easy to build. I put a simple waffle grill over the sub to protect it. Then I used some speaker grill fabric and the trim piece that held the cargo box in place to create the cover. I have a California Profile 200 watt RMS mono amp under the rear seat and Kenwood HU with MP3 cd player. I also replaced the front door speakers with some Kenwood 3-ways. The rear door speakers are still stock. Overall, it sounds real nice, plenty of bass for my needs. A massive improvement over the stock system!



nice... welcome to the site...

So the rockford 8 is enough bass.??

I was thinking of ditching my 1 10" speaker and building a floor stealth box for my 03 XLT because of the third row seating and putting in 2 8's... Just slow about doing it heh.