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Another Tire Size Question

I searched. Im pretty bad at figuring the correct search terms to get what I want so here goes.

I have a 2005 XLT. I like the BFG AT/KO tires. What will fit? I want to go as big as possible with no rubbing. It seems the stock tires pretty well fill the wheel well. Well, not fill it, but they dont look funny. show stock as 235/70R16. It looks like I can go to 255/70R16. Dare I go bigger? And any idea what that equates to when using the 30x9.5 measurment system?



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A 30x9.5/16 roughly translates to a 240/75/R16 for reference. The 255/70 is roughly 30x10.

Can't help you any farther, not familiar at all with 3rd Gens (which is typical of a lot of folks here). There just hasn't been too much experimentation done with them to give definate answers to questions like yours, at least as far as I know. Good Luck!

Went Bigger

Found a place that would test fit several tires for me. We enden up with a LT265/75R16 Big Foot AT. These fit with very minimal rubbing at full lock. If I back of the steering wheel 1/2 inch they will not rub. My truck would not take anything bigger. Also, I got a matching spare, and that barely fit into the spare tire area.

Before and after shots are attached.




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Another view.


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That looks pretty damn good! :)

wow looks a lot better...... havent see n you on the site in awhile... you were the same enterprize that had the explorer FAQ from way back in the day right?

Yep, that would be me. I was living the life of a minivan for a bit. 3 Kids tend to make you want more seating. Now that Ford has the 3rd row seat, I get the best of both worlds.

Now I use my Focus SVT for commuting, and the Explorer for people moving.

By the way, those stats are still out there. Just click on the link in my signature. They are a bit out of date though. I do plan to update them sometime.



The bigger tires look good on there. Time to take her out to see how it does on the trail ;)

Those look good, how do they ride? I'm thinking of doing the same thing, what shop did you go to? From the tire name I'm guessing Big O Tires, which we don't have out here.

Also, did you test fit 255/70R16's? If so, how did they look?

I did test fir the 255/70R 16's. They looked a heck of a lot better than the stockers. I still wanted bigger. The 255s gave me absolutely no rubbing.

They are Big O tires. I really wanted BFGs, but it was about 50 bucks less per tire for the Big Os, and the Big Os came with a lifetime warrantee, while the BFGs you had to pay another 22 bucks for, and that was only for 3 years of coverage.

They ride real good so far. A little bit rougher than stock, but not by much.

I bought some Bridgestone Dueler REVOs yesterday. They are nice. I went with the 265/70-16 and they fill the wheel well perfectly. It's too early to tell how they affect the ride/gas milage/or anything else. So far, they are better than the Michellen's that were on there stock. I'll update more later.

I can see the 265/75-16 fits with little rubbing, but how about the 255/85-16 which would be 33 inch but not as wide as the 265!
Where did most of the rubbing take place?

Full turn, outside edge barely rubbed the plastic liner.

That looks pretty damn good! :)
Wow! They really do look a lot better. I have a 2008 Explorer XLT currently with 245/65R17s and about to put Michelin A/T2 LTX Raised White Letter Outline, the same size but really want to go larger to fill the wheelwells. But I'm older now and looks aren't everything anymore ( that applies to my looks too) lol.
255s would add another inch in height. Maybe I'll just do that, and along with the RWLO, Michelins and hold it at that. I think the RWLO, will look really good, maybe a little old school but hey, they looked good then, so why not now. Let me bring them back.