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another way to mount a 2DIN


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April 21, 2005
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I used single sided thick foam tape around the entire edge of the deck just behind the faceplate and used 1/8" black universal rivets (same rivets used to hold say a 90 T-birds window trim on along the doors, yea thats the application :p: ) into the sides of the opening and 2 sheet metal brackets with a 90deg bend at one end to bolt to the decks mounting flanges. The deck is a JVC KW-AVX706




I was looking for someway how to easily cover the gap between the deck and the dash trim, foam tape :D

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Well if you are going to have a nice head unit and everything...Spend the extra money and buy a double din kit and it will fill in those little gaps. I am going to use Duramix 4050 and plastic weld in the gaps and sand and paint.

That deck look pretty solid in there!

have you seen the double din kit, I didnt think it fit so well, a step above is sanding and filling the bezel, I wasnt in the mood for that. Without the flash on the camera you cant see what I did back there, if there was a gap lol :p:

It actually isnt that solid, if anyone wanted to steal it all they have to do is rip that black panel off, just a few clips and 2 screws, Im going to place a strap on the back of the unit to the framework of the dash, so at the very least the back of the deck will be twisted rendering the unit pretty much garbage

Here is the Schoshe DD kit...
it came with a trim ring but I lost it.


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holy crap, im not getting any sound:fire: , my aftermarket Pioneer worked, theres 2 plugs in the dash, one for speakers and one for power, the speaker plug has several leads but only 8 are used (+ and - for 4 speakers), then the other plug has the +, +ign and ground I used, is there a remote amp turn on wire I didnt hook up in one of these 2 connectors?, theres an amp ground lead, a phone mute? lead alsoblue with white stripe), I know the deck works since i hooked a speaker right to the leads, I've only hooked up like a hundred decks and now im stumped :confused: excuse is I cut the aftermarket harness leads off the old harness and assumed it was a basic install?:p:

did you bypass the factory amp?

umm dont hook wires up in the dark, the one that says "amp turn on" is the one I never hooked up after I traced all the wires to the amp( 2 hours later):confused:

so should I use deck power or the stock amp power? will it be as loud as the stock amp?


I took the felt off the storage area and mono foamed it to the inside quarter panel to keep the box from vibrating and made my own brackets, didnt like the supplied ones :frospecta

front door speakers (same as rears)

front lock rod to key cylinders removed (have to drill out lock motor rivet to remove)

front lock rods for lock knobs removed(have to drill out lock motor rivet to remove)

for the rear knob lock rods you just undo the clip at the latch and tie wrap the rod it to the door shell

this way they cant screwdriver your lock cyl or slim jim it, so that just leaves breaking out a window (can buy clear safety film for them, goes on like tint)