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Antenna Base replacement 04 Explorer


May 18, 2009
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H-Town Texas
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2004 Explorer Limited
Good Morning all, I have a 2004 Explorer Limited.

I have a bit of a situation here. A few weeks ago I bought one of those cheap stubby replacement mast. A car wash later the antenna mast was decapitated, the threaded piece is now stuck in the antenna base as it was sheared off...

Any ideas on how I can get the stuck threaded piece out or where to find a replacement base (Non-universal please)?

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If any of the remaining mast is protruding from the base then take a Dremel w/ cutoff disc and cut a slot into the center of the remaining mast. Then use a flat head screwdriver to remove.

The mast diameter is likely too small for a drill and EZ-out.

Otherwise Merc02's option is the way to go.

Thank you RickM and Merc02 for the replies. Unfortunately it broke off below the outer ring line so I wont be able to slot it out! I think I found a new favorite parts site! :thumbsup:

Old thread, but I'll revive it since I haven't posted in a while.

Recently I've noticed my radio reception degrading sharply. Figured it might be ear wax, but then I noticed this morning that the little foxtail antenna I use appeared slightly removed from the base assembly. When I got where I was going, I checked it out and it came off in my hand. The entire threaded "male" piece inside of the antenna base had rotted completely and the antenna was just sitting there inside of the flange. Who knows how it hadn't flown off in the wind by now.

Thanks Merc02, if you are still around, for the parts site reference. I wish the base weren't $60, since at this point that is a calculable percentage of the car's value...but here we are.

I happened into this thread just checking to see if there were any helpful tips before I jacked up the car, took off the tire and wheel well lining then fishing the new antenna wire through.

Being a big fan of $5 parts that are like new over $60 parts, I got my antenna mount from the wrecking yard. The only thing that gave me trouble was fishing the line out, but I'm going to also have to put it back in with the next go-round, not to mention, there was no wheel well liner to worry about saving and reinstalling.

My antenna mount got broken inside the fender when a tree fell and swept away both antenna and mirror.

Anyone with any tips regarding the wheel well liner or antenna wire please post up and receive never ending gratitude.

Getting to the antenna through the wheel well is probably a bit time consuming but may be necessary. We install disguised two way radio antennas and often have to go to that extreme.

I have a similar situation whereas the antenna on my 2004 NBX came in second place in a fight with a car wash spinning brush. I wasn’t forewarned that the OEM antenna would get ripped out of the fender. This happened and about 3-4 inches of the mount is protruding from the fender and will not go back down. There is also sheet metal damage. The car wash owner wasn’t interested in paying for the damage, citing the fact that the vehicle is 14 years old. (Mint condition 14 years old. Thank you S. Florida) Rather than fight over it, I will attempt to repair it myself. Any tips on getting to it and what a replacement will entail? Thanks in advance.

Here are photos of the carnage.