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Antenna Question


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December 16, 2010
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I lost my original FM antenna a couple years ago and have been running a crappy replacement one. I now have an oem antenna from an explorer sport but the antenna has male threading. When i took the replacement antenna off, I realized i need female threading. Is this true or is there an adapter still on my truck (since it was a universal antenna)? Basically does the actual antenna need to be male or female?

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I just replaced my origanal antenna this week with a 17" raptor shorty(orieys). The original antenna has a male end. I have an '03 ST. When I installed the new one I had to use a kit it came with to make it male. So when I unscrew the new one now the male part stays in the truck. So I'm pretty sure on yours it just needs to be unscrewed with some pliers. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Just wanted to make sure so that if I was wrong I didn't mess up the threads.

No problem. Mine is an 03 though. Most likely the same. But just to be sure I would wait for a few others to chime in. I dont want to be the one to blame :) Im sure someone with an 01 can go outside and check for ya by tomorrow...the adapter was just a little screw with threads on both ends

Yup just couldn't remember what it looked like when i replaced it and if i had to put the adapter on or what.

Im sure someone with an 01 can go outside and check for ya .............................. you figure it out? if not...BUMP

I went to take it off and the adapter is stuck in the truck. Soaked it in penetrating oil and it still won't budge. I forced the old antenna back onto the threads after I messed them up with some vise grips. Kinda stuck on what to do...

I already had it replaced but I have a ford antenna that's much better off an ex sport and I'd really like to get it on there. It's the little threaded adapter from the replacement antenna mast that's stuck in my truck. And there's not enough thread to try the double nut trick.

I have an 02' and the original factory antenna mast does have a female thread, but the newer ford replacement base(p#18a984) requires an antenna mast with male threads. I wish the dealer would have told me that since I still have the original mast. I will look for a universal or then I guess I gotta pay 30 bucks for ford's

I ended up messing up the threads in the antenna base and ha to get a new one. For a replacement antenna go to a junkyard. Amy ford antenna will work and you can probably pick one up for 10 bucks or less