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Antenna questions


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October 16, 2001
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1996 5.0
Today I successfully converted my broken power antenna to a mast style antenna and shortened it using Black Magic's writeup. It looks great but it hasn't helped my reception any because there are no wires attached to the base of the mast. How can I hook up the antenna so that I get some better reception?

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There is no wire on it at all? It didn't come with one or what????:confused:

Well I want to avoid having to take the fender off at all costs.

You can get to it if you just remove the plastic wheel well. Right?

How hard is that?

IT must be wired to the HU for proper function.

The fender lining comes out with a couple bolts and those plug deals. Once you get that out everythings right there. I just installed my antenna a few days ago. So I know you don't have to tear the fender off. :D

can u tell me where did u get that antenna?
or even better where can i get a kit to totally shave the antenna off

That is just a stock antenna that I shortened.

I don't see how there can be a kit to shave your antenna, you need to bust out your welder. :D

As for the shaved antenna you could do that. there are a few window mounted strip antennas you can buy but the reception would probably be allot worse. thease go inside your car and just stick in front of the headliner on the top of the windshield or windows. Another option is to get one of the flush mount antennas where its a power antenna but when its lowered all you see is the little chrome circle for the top of the mast. Im sure that could probably be painted and give a shaved look when down. i think i saw it in a hot rod magazine so if your interested start your search at those type shops or sites. Major

Ok guys here's the deal. I had a factory power antenna, like I said before, but I abandoned it. I cut the end of the antenna wire OFF of the power antenna motor, spliced a piece of coaxial cable on the end of the antenna wire, and ran the coaxial cable up to the mast antenna post. After I did that, I turn my truck on and my HU has no power. I take it for a drive and whenever I hit a bump the HU will turn on for a few seconds then shut back off. This leads me to believe that it's a ground problem but I didn't touch any of the wires except for the antenna wire!

If anybody can shed some light on this, please do.